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If you wish to customize the trip length, or departure date please contact your trip advisor or leave a comment in your request.

Détail du voyage :

The mud volcano of Lipad Day 1 - Lahad Datu / Réserve de Tabin
The mud volcano of Lipad

Day 1 - Lahad Datu / Réserve de Tabin The mud volcano of Lipad

  • Breakfast
  • Arrive this morning at Lahud Datu.
  • Installation in your nice wooden bungalow of

    Tabin Wildlife Resort

    which offers you all the comfort you need.

    Built along the Lipad river, nestled in the jungle , many birds and small mammals can be seen from the lodge.

  • Discover the many herbs and native forest plants that can naturally cure a number of ailments.
  • Browse the
  • mud volcano Lipad

    near which roam many animals. So you can try to identify their footprints.

    You can also try taking a mud bath, if the mood takes you. The virtues of mud are famous for the skin.

  • Climb to the top of the observation tower to contemplate the contrast between the thick rainforest and barren place .
  • After dinner, enjoy a night safari to discover the nightlife of animals.
  • Do not forget to raise your head and make a wish if your eyes cross a shooting star admiring the beautiful sky above Tabin...
  • Lunch and dinner included.
  • Night at Tabin Wildlife Resort.
Swimming in the Lipad waterfall Day 2 – Tabin Sanctuary

Day 2 – Tabin Sanctuary Swimming in the Lipad waterfall

  • Breakfast.
  • Then, take a hike to the Lipad waterfall where you can enjoy a pleasant swim!
  • In the afternoon, you can take an optional drive to see many different species of birds.
  • You can also chose to stay in the resort and relax with a treatment using local herbs and plants to pamper your feet and muscles after all this effort!
  • After dinner, you will go on a night safari to track the animals and see them when they are the least wary.
  • Lunch and dinner included.
  • Spend the night in the Tabin Wildlife Resort.
Monkeys by the river Day 3 – Tabin Sanctuary

Day 3 – Tabin Sanctuary Monkeys by the river

  • Breakfast
  • In the morning, take a hike through the beautiful old-growth forest and marvel at the 300 different kinds of birds that live in the sanctuary.
  • In the afternoon, you can swim in theriver, from which you will be able to see many monkeys and small mammals.
  • After dinner, leave on another night trip.
  • Lunch and dinner included.
  • Spend the night in the Tabin Wildlife Resort.
Departure Day 4 - Vallée du Danum / Réserve de Tabin

Day 4 - Vallée du Danum / Réserve de Tabin Departure

  • Breakfast
  • Last moments at the heart of this magnificent forest.
  • You leave towards Lahud Datu.

Tour's activities

Our selection of activities

We invite you to take full advantage of your experiences with Marco Vasco by selecting among our additional guided tours. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our specialists for more information or if you would prefer a Spanish-speaking guide!

Activités Incluses

Night safaris

Night safaris

Night safaris

When night falls over the jungle, another world awakes. The noises, smells and atmosphere are no longer the same. Experience the forest by night and look for the many animals that have made it their home! An experience you will never forget!

Tabin mud volcano

Tabin mud volcano

Tabin mud volcano

After a short 20-minute hike, you will reach the Tabin mud volcano. On the agenda today: boiling mud and huge bubbles that will remind you that, here, the earth is alive and isn’t afraid to show it! A lovely trip.

Tour's hotels

Our selection of hotels

Voici les hébergements que nous vous proposons pour votre circuit. Ils sont communiqués à titre indicatif et pourront être remplacés par des hôtels de catégorie similaire.

Hôtels Inclus

Tabin Wildlife Resort - Tabin Sanctuary

Hotel Tabin Sanctuary

Tabin Wildlife Resort - Tabin Sanctuary

This accommodation consists of local wooden chalets. Each room is comfortable and offers air conditioning and its own terrace. A beautiful experience in the heart of a second-growth forest.

Good to know

  • Hotels and Meals

    If a hotel mentioned in the program is not available, a hotel in a similar category will be booked.
    All the meals during the trip are included in the programme, unless the detailed itinerary mentions otherwise.
    In our programmes, the hotels offered are usually comfortable 3 or 4 star hotels. If you would like hotels in a higher or lower category, please don’t hesitate to consult one of our specialised advisers. During this itinerary, you will spend several nights in the jungle, in a longhouse, the traditional houses of the inhabitants of Borneo. The accommodation may be basic, but it is very authentic. You won’t have private toilets or bathrooms.
    Good to Know:In the peak season (Christmas holidays, July and August, from January to March), hotels quickly become fully booked. Don’t hesitate to reserve well in advance to avoid any availability issues.

  • Prices

    The prices displayed on our website are based on two people in the off season.
    This is the starting price, which can change depending on flight and accommodation availability and when you want to take your trip.
    Indeed, in the peak season, airlines and hotels don’t hesitate to apply higher rates than in the off season, due to high demand.
    Planetveo/MalaysiaVeo carefully calculate their prices in order to guarantee the best price in terms of the quality/price ratio.
    Our advice: the earlier you book, the more chance you have of getting interesting deals, especially when it comes to plane tickets – keep that in mind!

  • Additional Information

    • Procedures and Visas

      You don’t need a visa to go to Malaysia or Singapore.

    • Vaccinations and Health

      No vaccinations are required for travellers coming from Europe. However, it is recommended you make sure the following vaccinations are up-to-date: tetanus, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B. You do not need preventative treatment against malaria.
      Health: Never drink tap water, as it is not safe to drink. Also avoid ice cubes, which are made with tap water. Always buy mineral water.

    • Meeting People

      During this trip, you will meet the Iban and other tribes of Borneo and share their lives, in their longhouses. Please be respectful and ask for their permission before taking pictures of them. We encourage you to taste the products they offer you, as this will create a positive atmosphere for your stay. In any case, please try to be as polite as possible towards your hosts, even if your cultures are very different!

    • Hiking and Sporting Activities

      Borneo is home to a lush, virgin flora. During this itinerary, you will spend time in the jungle. Please remember to dress appropriately and bring the necessary equipment. Always make sure you have snacks on you, as you will occasionally be far from everything and will not have the opportunity to buy food. Also remember to bring a bottle of water with you, as the heat can be overpowering.
      Finally, you will have many opportunities to swim: don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel!

  • Bespoke travel packages

    Planetveo/MalaysiaVeo is specialised in bespoke travel packages
    Your trip will therefore be private: you will not be mixed in with a group of strangers. You will have your own car and your own guide (unless mentioned otherwise).
    The itineraries offered on our website are merely suggestions that can easily be changed or extended.
    Don’t hesitate to talk to our specialised advisers: they will adapt the trip to suit you and will create a bespoke programme for you!
    We also offer different kinds of extensions in the Extension section.
    Don’t hesitate to browse through the different tabs of the site to get an idea of the different possibilities we can offer you!
    Finally, if you want to change the accommodation to a higher or lower category, everything is possible! All you need to do is leave a note on the quotation form.

Tour Price

The price include

  • Accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the programme (or hotels in a similar category)
  • Full board
  • Transfers
  • The activities mentioned in the programme
  • An English-speaking guide
  • Optional activities

The price doesn't include

  • International and domestic flights
  • Insurance (please ask us)
  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Personal purchases
  • Optional activities

* price per person "from", double base in standard room