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Marco Vasco's Charter of Sustainable Development

As with all economic activity, tourism has social and ecological consequences on the environment. At Marco Vasco we are committed to the logic of a tourism based on solidarity, taking the responsibility to respect the natural resources and cultural richness of our destinations.

In the framework of this charter, we have selected providers with an approach to equitable tourism and we help to advise our travelers in the protection of the environment, both ecologically and socially.

What is sustainable development for Marco Vasco?

At Marco Vasco when we talk about sustainable development, we hear “corporate social responsibility,” more specifically, our capacity to manage our impacts on the environment, socially, ecologically.

Since the end of 2008, the organization has aligned itself in a dynamic process of “corporate social responsibility” to become a true social citizen.
The charter below was written with the contribution of employees throughout the organization, so that they could become authors of this mission and feel a sense of solidarity with its contents.

Our four primary commitments

The organization as a whole is committed to engaging in the following primary domains:

  • Social:

    Employees, transparency and culpability of providers, support for humanitarian organizations,

  • Environmental and ecotourism:

    Compensate for CO2 emissions Bilan Carbon made effective in 2009, ecotourism (30% of our hotels in Asia are ecolodges), eco-responsibility

  • Society:

    Ethnicity, Diversity(We have got nine differents nationalities in the company)

  • Financial:

    Management, Account transparency, Shares profit (employees, réserves de l’entreprise et actionnaires)

Beyond Words, What are ours actions?

In addition to permanent support of the organization, Tourism for Development (TFD) to whom we donate 5% of our revenue, the actions put in place by our organization since it was established are:

  • 2010: Partnership with the organization Coup de Pouce in Vietnam (financing meals in a youth home on the outskirts of Hanoi)
  • 2009: Support for a school in Cambodia
  • 2008: Support for inhabitants of Sichuan, China.
  • 2007: Support for the colors of China (partnership of challenged Chinese children)
  • 2006: Sent to organizations caring for inhabitants affected by the Tsunami.

Tourism with a Conscience

In our day-to-day actions, we also exercise the reflex to educate our clients as responsible future tourists, raising their awareness about the codes of respectful and responsible travel and cultural exchange. This includes a number of precautions to take in favor of respecting local populations, such as information on the rules of proper decorum and etiquette within the country for facilitating the integration of our clients. In this sense, our sales team stays true to both advising and educating.

Charter of sustainable development and tourism

To download the full version of our “Charter of Sustainable Development” in PDF formant, please click on the following links:

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Charter of Sustainable Development
Traveler’s Information/Pledge